Eight of us Р4 dogs and 4 people Рwent hiking in Kananaskis Country the other day and to say it was incredible would be an understatement. The trail featured a gradual incline (my favourite kind) with only a couple of steep sections for that extra good workout. We passed through forest and meadows and over karst pavement, while a steady stream of water ran parallel to the trail for the duration of our climb up until reaching our ultimate destination, two glacier fed lakes and breathtaking views.

We chose this hike specifically because of all the easily accessible water. Plenty of water for the dogs equals happy and well-hydrated dogs which is extremely important when hiking for an extended period of time. The hike took us 5 1/2 hours in total (up and down), but count at least 1 hour of relaxing over lunch.

Ask me if we kept the dogs on leash the entire time and depending on who you are, I’ll maybe tell you the truth. When hiking in a provincial park, dogs must be kept on leash the entire time and it’s completely understandable as to why this rule exists. It’s for the safety of your dog, for the consideration of others on the trail, and for the protection of the environment and the wildlife that call the area home. But despite knowing all of this, I have to admit that I find it hard to follow this rule for the entire time, especially when I know how much Georgia enjoys running around in the lushness of a mountain meadow – pure bliss.

My husband, Georgia and I have just started hiking in the mountains again (it has been awhile) and thanks to some great friends in our neighbourhood, we’ll continue to have more adventures soon!